Air Conditioning

New Refrigerant 1234YF Available!!!

The new refrigerant for 2017 and above cars now Available in Martins Garage!!!

By the law new cars can only be recharged with this 1234YF gas so do not overpay at the dealers garages!!!

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The air conditioning in your car keeps you cool and makes driving a lot more comfortable in hot or clammy weather. Just like any other part of your car, it is important to get the air conditioning checked and serviced regularly. You could overheat, run out of coolant among other things. Your ventilation can also get dirty, clogged, or even full of mould. This can cause havoc for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

We use the latest equipment to solve all your air conditioning trouble. Our machine is the most modern in town! All our staff are fully trained on operation to ensure that your vehicle is fixed quickly

Our service includes:

Change cooling factor and compressed oil with dye, check on seals and system efficiency.

Ozone disinfection of air conditioning 1-2 times a years, best before and after season. Eliminates occurrence of unpleasant smells from ducts and eliminates fungi or mould. This is particularly recommended for those suffering from allergies, such as hay fever.

Ultrasound disinfection of sun qtech pro. This freshens the whole inside of the car and disinfects the ventilation and air conditioning elements.