All mechanical services, timing belts, clutches, exhausts, suspension, brakes, engine rebuilds – full reconditioning, gear boxes etc.

  • NCT – Pre NCT check include emission test and focus lights
  • Airbags – ECU repairs – Crash data clear in any airbag ECU
  • Dash clock repair
  • Chip Tuning (Swiftec)
  • EGR valve repair
  • Speed limiter removal
  • Lambda sensor switch off
  • DTC switch off
  • Immobilizer
  • Radio code off
  • ABS
  • DPF removal or replacement


With our wireless technology -the latest in Motor Vehicle Emissions Testing The BrainBee OMNI 4000 uses wireless communication – we can test the emissions of your car. This is particularly important to get checked before your NCT. We can test for both petrol and diesel fuelled cars.